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Add Sound to Your Flow (or not)

Greetings Shabach Yoga Family. We will not be playing music in our virtual classes. If you would like to enhance your virtual yoga experience, consider using the following playlists with the associated classes. However, there's no sound that is more calming and soothing than listening to your own breath. We HIGHLY recommend it.

Yin Yoga, Yoga for Stress Relief

Not team Apple?  Any ambient sound, white noise or seascape sound will work.

Bye- Bye Belly, Yoga for Weight Management Power Flow, Fire Flow 

Not team Apple? Any songs that pump you up and energize you will work.

Yoga for Increased Focus

Not team Apple?  Any songs that raise your positive vibrations will work. 

Yoga for Energy Balancing

Not team Apple? Any songs that usher in a sense of peace and ease will work.

Yoga Nidra

No problem f you're not team Apple, this is a YouTube playlist.

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